Utilities Industry

Technical Consulting Services for Utility Industry

The Business Challenge:

The Utilities landscape is facing challenges to shift from traditional models of businesses and are disrupted because of cost pressures, government regulations & policies, stranded assets, supply vs demand dynamics because of tough competition, aging workforce, and constant investment into fixed cost & innovation.

To stay “Relevant & Competitive” leadership teams will have to embark on a company-wide strategic goal to embrace digital transformation and make “Digital Core” as its solid foundation. Companies which already have SAP IS Utilities solution implemented, are evaluating innovation in many peripheral activities of core ERP specially utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT).

Delivering better customer outcomes and creating unique customer experiences whilst managing the higher cost of manufacturing, narrowing margins and licensing cost as well as distribution cost while service & products offering is limited.

Efficient business processes with accurate master data in Utilities and automation combined can result in speed, agility and interpretation of self-generated competitive intelligence that can propel real-time decision making and can set a business apart from its competition.

Result: The existing business is “Autonomous”. Now let’s focus on Innovation! Utility’s CIO’s must re-imagine their technology landscape to drive innovation at a faster pace than ever. The driver of all this, the digital transformation enables companies for data driven decisions and improving KPIs across departments and geographies.

Result: The existing business is “Autonomous”. Now let’s focus on Innovation!! McKinsol’s Accelerators for Utilities Industry:

McKinsol “IRace” validation ready SAP S/4 HANA Utilities Suite.

A fast track solution deployment for Utilities

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)Robotic Process Automation (RPA)Blockchain + AI
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