SPOT by McKinsol, an SAP partner, is disrupting the customer acquisition process in the retail industry, with its omni-channel “innovative app”.


SPOT’s focus is to engage customers with the brand and to help ‘up-sell & cross-sell’ products easily.
1. A person walking with phone
2. On the top right corner show the map in the app with a dot approaching the radius
3. As soon as dot enters into radius, a background sound of iPhone notification will signify the push of the alert from the app itself.
4. as the notification sounds, on the top LEFT corner, a image of a phone will appear with a notification on it.

Features of SPOT

Matching a Customer’s purchase history with available promotions 56%
Giving users category options to select for notifications 97%
Integrating with social media platforms 92%
Creating a loyalty program that pushes coupons to a customer’s smart phone 92%

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SPOT, a cloud-based real-time proximity promotion app, helps to Identify & engage existing customers, push personalized promotions and Measure ROI…in REAL time!

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