McKinsol is proud to have earned a credibility to be an exclusive service provider of ‘Enterprise Information Management (EIM) leading to successful outcomes, at multiple retail and fashion clients in North America. EIM is responsible to convert data into corporate assets and decisions to be data driven decisions.

What Is EIM

  • EIM is responsible to acquire, transform, manage and govern business data into corporate assets, which is clean, complete and consistent, that would become foundational driver for modern day operational and innovative analytics.
  • EIM is an integrated approach to manage all corporate information assets including content, data, records, and knowledge in all formats, from all sources and in every location
  • EIM manages the plans, policies, principles, frameworks, technologies, organizations, people and processes in an enterprise toward the goal of maximizing the investment in data and content.!
  • EIM represents more of the direction, philosophy, and mindset required to manage data assets.
  • Stable and predictable decision – Enabling participants to transact with confidence.

McKinsol offers comprehensive services around enterprise information management which involves all data centric services, process optimization services, security & GRC, analytics, QA & testing, testing automation services (check our partners in testing automation services) etc.

McKinsol EIM Services :

EIM PMO: We have an established PMP dedicated to EIM services, which can help establishing and aligning goals of EIM as a shared service (EaaS) with overall IT strategy.

Data Governance: Pre-SAP S/4 HANA Implementation, During The Program & Data Migration, Post SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

Data Migration: Migration Tool Designing, Development, Mock-Cycles, Final Conversion, Go-Live Cutover & Hyper Care

Data Security: SAP GRC, SAP Security & Authorization For Data, Role Testing

Data Execution: Manual or automated data upload in post SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

RPA: Robotic Process Automation application building or offering in-house developed accelerators

Analytics: Data and analytics go hand in hand. So our EIM offering include analytics design, realization and successful go live.

EIM As A Shared Service (EaaS) – Towers To Enable Shared Services

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